Work Visa & Expat Loan Program

Buy in the United States, No Green Card Required

Are you in the United States on a work visa and find it difficult to purchase a home without the green card, extensive income, and credit history that a conventional mortgage requires? Are you working internationally as a U.S. Citizen and have become an expat, but still want to invest and buy within the United States?

If you have, or will soon have, a United States work visa or are an expat looking to buy within the United States, we created the Expat Loan Program to help you invest or purchase properties of up to three million dollars ($3MM) in the United States.

The Expat Loan Program was specifically designed for foreign professionals coming into the United States on a work visa, without a green card or extensive financial history, as well as U.S. Citizens working abroad, who are looking for help to get settled or invested in properties now. With this program, you can borrow any amount of money between one-hundred thousand dollars ($100k) and three million dollars ($3 MM) using a Work Visa. The program even allows foreign assets to be considered for down payments AND principal, interest, tax, and income (PITI) reserves.

The program features:

  • No green card requirement
  • No U.S. credit requirement
  • Ability to buy with ONLY a work visa, income document with an official letter, and recent pay stub qualifications
  • Max LTV 80% for new immigrants to the U.S.
  • Max 70% loan to value for U.S. Citizens living abroad (2nd Home)
  • Loan amounts up to $3,000,000 (loan to value limits)

To learn more about our team of mortgage experts or receive a personalized recommendation given your unique circumstances, contact us today. No matter where your professional life takes you we believe in helping everyone who wants to, and can afford to, buy a home secure their dream property.

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